My next clothing shopping spree

This Friday, I will be purchasing some clothes for the fall. I’m getting a bathing suit for my aquagym class (despite my best efforts, the clorine levels at the pool are so high that they are murder on my suit), a pair of black jeans for the fall (I kept the old pair’s tag to remember which model I bought last time) and maybe (just maybe) a new bra (if there’s any in cute colors). I love my capris (one cargo, one pink jeans), but bare calves won’t be so comfy as we go further into fall. My sole pair of pants (black soft cords that I love) are great, but I need one more pair. Will probably hit the Addition-Elle outlet store, since they do have some sales of older models that the regular stores don’t have.

One thing I’d love to find is a decent fall jacket. Nothing too cheap in the making, nothing too fancy but not too casual. I have plenty of sports jackets, but I have nothing that’s cool yet casual. Guess if I’m meant to find it this weekend, I will. Otherwise, guess I will have to continue wearing what I already have. We’ll see.


Cruella, how cruel you are…

Sometimes, going to a clothing boutique can be downright frustrating and somewhat depressing. A couple of weeks ago, my bf and I went to Cruella, a local goth designer boutique where one of Eric’s friends work. I’ve been to that store before and once again I was filled with a love-hate feeling for that place.

I love many of the designs being sold there, but I hate how there is absolutely no plus-size clothes. Even in the knee-high socks selection, I’m out of luck. So my options in that boutique is to either stick to accessories, shoes (at least those that fit my wide feet and wide calves) and men’s clothes, or not patronize that store. It’s even more frustrating due to the fact that it’s a local designer’s boutique, and not a chain of stores.

As if there was no such thing as a fat goth girl… >_<