Swimsuit issue solved!

Well, after all, I will not buy my next swimsuit at Addition-Elle and it won’t be Roots brand. It will be a TYR model made for aquagym (the model I’m looking at goes up to size 20, which is my size, but if they’re sold out of all three colors in my size, there are two other model that I can choose from, including one that goes up to size 26 but has a stomach panel, which I don’t care for. It also means that if Tyr’s sizing is on the small side, I have another option).

The store that sells them is located not too far from my home and the price is pretty decent: $60 per suit. I’ll buy it Saturday so I’ll have a new suit for my next class, which is next Tuesday.



I started to attend aquagym classes again this week. This time, it’s an 8-week semester, as the class ends on June 2nd (it’s kinda mindboggling – there is no classes held at the pool during the summer, after the school year ends, but the semester ends 3 weeks before the school year! the hell???).

Anyways, the Tuesday class is taught again by Suzie, who would be a good bootcamp trainer. Her class isn’t bad but she tends to forget that we don’t move in water as easily as we do outside of it. Nonetheless, it’s a complete workout in an hour – lots of cardio, muscle training and sit-ups. There’s only 4 of us registered to the class this time around.

On Thursday, the class is taught by Jade, who’s started last winter (didn’t follow her class though, so she’s new to me). She’s pretty thorough too but although her class is also quite the workout, she has more realistic expectations of what we can do in the water, offering just the right balance! Again, not many people are registered to this class.

Why so few people? Well, part of the issue is that the official neighborhood’s website doesn’t advertise the classes. There’s the fall brochure that’s printed out and distributed in the mail, but for the rest of the year, you can only rely on yourself by calling and finding out on your own if and when there are classes, and how much they cost ($85 for a twice-weekly 8-week semester; the rest of the year, it’s $125 for a twice-weekly, 12-week semester; in both cases, the class averages out at $5 per class).

I’ve survived the first week of classes, even though I can feel some soreness in my left thigh. However, resting over the next couple of days will be just perfect. I did have to buy a new bathing suit, though, as the pool water ate up the external part of my old bathing suit last fall; even though the inner layer was fine, I looked ridiculous in my flappy suit. So, I ran up to Addition-Elle and bought another Roots suit (this time it’s dark blue and grey, with some red). It normally rings up at $80, but there was a 10%-50% off scratch-and-save… and I got the 30% rebate! Thus, my suit cost $56 plus tax. I must also mention that it’s one size smaller than the other suit (the old one was a size 22, the new one a size 20). The new one fits well, although it’s a bit small at the boobs (but what a cleavage I get because of that, without any wardrobe malfunction).

I just love aquagym… I’m not one who’s particularly crazy about swimming (I swim ok, but my technique’s not great), but this is different with its game-in-water attitude. Combined with the walking I do from and to the pool (a nice 10-minute walk from my home), and geocaching with my man (lots of walking!), I’ll probably notice the health benefits from it all in no time. I don’t care about weight-loss; as far as I’m concerned, I adhere to the HAES philosophy. My body will adjust itself as it pleases, and that’s all.

Of course, we all have affinities for certain activities and sports. What is your activity/sport of choice?