While shopping…

It’s been a while since I last posted. Work has been rather crazy lately, plus I hadn’t had much to write about (I’m not one to update a blog just for the sake of posting).

On Saturday, I went shopping. I was wearing my old skater shoes, which are comfy… provided I don’t walk for too long. It just so happened that we went to an outdoors clothing store since Eric wanted to buy some pants for the summer. While I was waiting for him to try on the pairs he had chosen, I started looking at the shoes. There was a sale and even better: the store also covered both sales taxes that weekend! So I asked the sales clerk for shoes and as she was looking for pairs for me to try, I quipped about how I wasn’t going to bother asking about clothes. Well, she replied about this store called Sportive Plus that sold plus-sized outdoors clothes (of which I have heard of before). Sure, it would have been great if the store I was in actually had clothes my size, but I think I had the second best possible outcome: a sales clerk who, although petite and all, knew about an alternative store to recommend without being snooty about it.

The other sales clerks there were friendly too. So, even though this store isn’t the place for me to go to get actual clothes, at least for shoes and outdoors accessories it’s worth it.


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