The queen of tube sliding

Yesterday, I went up north with my friends to go tube sliding on a mountain. It was a great day, not too cold but cold enough for the snow to be well tapped. Unfortunately, the so-called extreme slopes weren’t so extreme (I was hoping for jumps that would have led to tons of bruises on my body) but it was still a ton of fun, alone or together (there were 5 of us and sliding group limit was 4). No matter what, I was always the one who went furthest (and fast too!).  I knew there was an advantage to being fat! 😛 And there weren’t a ton of people, so usually we had little to no waiting time.

And I forgot how physical sliding can be — not the actual sliding part, but the part where you walk back to the lift. There were two types of lifts open: one where you sit on a tube that’s hooked on a cable lift, which pulls you up the slope, and a treadmill that brought you up. So, from 1pm till 5pm, we were like a bunch of kids without a care in the world. Thank goodness we all wore good boots and snow pants, and even that didn’t prevent us from getting wet like a dog. Afterwards, we went out for dinner at a BBQ chicken restaurant and we ate like kings and queens.


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