Another semester of aquagym begins…

Last week, I started another semester of aquagym, still at the same pool located not too far from my home. Once again, we changed teachers (they seem to change ever semester) — this time, the Tuesday night teacher is a BBW. Not a slightly chubby athletic girl, but a true-blue BBW.

It’s her first semester teaching aquagym, but so far she’s not doing a bad job at all (I do find she goes a bit fast, but that’s about the only criticism I have). What’s great is that no one seemed to bat an eye when it turned out that she was the teacher (you know, the knee-jerk “who are you and where is the teacher?”).

one thing’s for sure: she could be one of the poster girls for HAES. She kicks ass as she is! 😀


The queen of tube sliding

Yesterday, I went up north with my friends to go tube sliding on a mountain. It was a great day, not too cold but cold enough for the snow to be well tapped. Unfortunately, the so-called extreme slopes weren’t so extreme (I was hoping for jumps that would have led to tons of bruises on my body) but it was still a ton of fun, alone or together (there were 5 of us and sliding group limit was 4). No matter what, I was always the one who went furthest (and fast too!).  I knew there was an advantage to being fat! 😛 And there weren’t a ton of people, so usually we had little to no waiting time.

And I forgot how physical sliding can be — not the actual sliding part, but the part where you walk back to the lift. There were two types of lifts open: one where you sit on a tube that’s hooked on a cable lift, which pulls you up the slope, and a treadmill that brought you up. So, from 1pm till 5pm, we were like a bunch of kids without a care in the world. Thank goodness we all wore good boots and snow pants, and even that didn’t prevent us from getting wet like a dog. Afterwards, we went out for dinner at a BBQ chicken restaurant and we ate like kings and queens.

A doctor’s visit that went well…

Today, I went to the gyn for my yearly PAP test, which I must undergo in order to renew my prescription for the Pill. I’ve been going through this since 1996, but every year, the appointment fills me with dread. I have no problem with the test itself, it’s something pretty quick and not actually painful. However, I’ve always been weary of doctors being judgmental or talking about my weight.

So, after been greeted by a BBW nurse who I’ve seen before, I waited for the doctor to come. A young medecine student (an in-betweener BBW) came in to ask basic questions about my period and other relevant matters. Then, the doctor came in and did the pelvic exam (as he described the procedure to the student, the only comment he made about my weight, and it was rather neutral, was that my vagina was well-padded, which wasn’t intended to me but to the student doctor, as he told her about how to access the cervix). Nothing else. No sermon about my weight, no pestering about anything that wasn’t related to my genitals.

Basically, it was one of the best visits I’ve had for the Pap test in nearly 15 years. Since I hadn’t had lunch but had to go back to work, I stopped on the way back to this Thai restaurant I like and ordered cashew chicken stirfry on rice to-go with a can of coconut juice.

BBW of the week: Isabel Sanford

One BBW that I absolutely adore is Isabel Sanford. I never used to watch The Jeffersons, but I discovered that series when it came out on DVD a few years ago, and just fell in love with that series. I don’t care for George Jefferson and his reversed racism, but the other characters make up for him, in particular the character of Louise or Weezy, played by Isabel Sanford.

She’s simply wonderful. She’s smart and no-nonsense, and she’s just beautiful. I love how she’s self-confident and sassy in her own way. In real life, she was an anonymous philathropist until the end of her life, giving to charity not for the recognition but because she had a heart of gold. Incidentally, as pointed out before, she was 20 years older than Sherman Hemsley, who played George…

Here’s an episode that I watched recently, called Louise’s Daughter (it’s broken down in 3 parts; start with the top file). Toward the end of the episode, the young lady says that Louise is beautiful, and I couldn’t agree more.