Gearing up for winter

I recently went shopping for winter clothes. First, bought some Merrell winter boots, on sale at $100 (reg. price: $150). They look like hiking boots and are grey with a touch of lilac.

I then proceeded with the search for a decent winter coat. I always bought my coats at Addition-Elle, but I have to admit that the quality isn’t great for the price. When I found out that Columbia made some coats in plus-size, I decided that it was time to buy a Columbia jacket once again (I bought my only Columbia coat in 1994 or so).

Since there aren’t any Columbia Sportswear outlets in Montreal, I searched at the next logical place: the Sports Experts chain of stores, which do sometimes carry some plus-size sports clothes. Went to one store — no plus-size clothes there. After making some calls to find which stores do carry bigger sizes, went to another franchise that was supposed to have them. No success, and the salesgirls’ attitude pissed me off (what’s the message here? fat girls can’t like sports?). Finally, went to a third store that did have one jacket in plus size. It was size 1x, which was too small, but the employees there were really nice and ordered the 2x version from another store. When the coat came, it fit perfectly (unfortunately, it’s not loose enough to include a sweater underneath…). The coat did cost me $300 with taxes, but thanks to a promo, I received a $50 gift card usable in that franchise only, which I will use to buy a good winter hat, and something else (maybe a good scarf). I really don’t mind for that store restriction, since I’m inclined to return there after the great service I received.

When you think of it, it’s just frustrating to need to do so much search in order to find a good-quality winter coat when you’re fat. It’s not because I’m fat that I won’t freeze when it gets cold, you know…

I will post pics of my purchases later, but in the meantime, here’s what the jacket looks like (it’s a three-in-one model):