Swimsuit issue solved!

Well, after all, I will not buy my next swimsuit at Addition-Elle and it won’t be Roots brand. It will be a TYR model made for aquagym (the model I’m looking at goes up to size 20, which is my size, but if they’re sold out of all three colors in my size, there are two other model that I can choose from, including one that goes up to size 26 but has a stomach panel, which I don’t care for. It also means that if Tyr’s sizing is on the small side, I have another option).

The store that sells them is located not too far from my home and the price is pretty decent: $60 per suit. I’ll buy it Saturday so I’ll have a new suit for my next class, which is next Tuesday.


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  1. Julia said,

    September 26, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    In my experience, TYR’s sizing is a little small, particularly in the boobage (example: the swim meet where I dove in to start my race and had to yank the suit back over my breasts, which had popped out the sides!). However, it depends a lot on your height – I often go up a size because I’m 5’8″ and long-torsoed, while if you’re shorter, you might not have an issue at your regular size. 🙂

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