My next clothing shopping spree

This Friday, I will be purchasing some clothes for the fall. I’m getting a bathing suit for my aquagym class (despite my best efforts, the clorine levels at the pool are so high that they are murder on my suit), a pair of black jeans for the fall (I kept the old pair’s tag to remember which model I bought last time) and maybe (just maybe) a new bra (if there’s any in cute colors). I love my capris (one cargo, one pink jeans), but bare calves won’t be so comfy as we go further into fall. My sole pair of pants (black soft cords that I love) are great, but I need one more pair. Will probably hit the Addition-Elle outlet store, since they do have some sales of older models that the regular stores don’t have.

One thing I’d love to find is a decent fall jacket. Nothing too cheap in the making, nothing too fancy but not too casual. I have plenty of sports jackets, but I have nothing that’s cool yet casual. Guess if I’m meant to find it this weekend, I will. Otherwise, guess I will have to continue wearing what I already have. We’ll see.


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  1. September 25, 2008 at 2:59 am

    Re: your new bathing suit: if you’re going to be in in chlorinated pools a lot, I’d suggest a suit made of a fabric without Lycra/Spandex in it. That’s the part of the fabric that the chlorine breaks down, and my experience has borne this out – after about three months, my suits with lyrcra/spandex were hanging droopily around me because they’d lost all their stretch. There are suits of other fabrics designed to resist the chemicals much better and last a LOT longer.

    Good luck with all your clothes shopping – I hope you have fun finding everything on your list!

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