So, I did go to my fat-acceptance dinner…

The Moroccan dinner was very nice. People were quite friendly, even though I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would have, had I known them better, but that’s normal, I’m still the new kid around in the group.

The meal was amazing and I was wayyyyy too ambitious with the servings. That’s really not like me — it was just too good! And I drank tons of mint tea (no wonder I went to the bathroom several times that night!). I was so full I had to take a walk back home. Mind you, it was a nice evening, so I didn’t mind. 🙂

There was a henna tattoo artist in the restaurant and she did a great design on my left arm and hand. Unfortunately it didn’t stay more than a week (I suspect that the affectionate licks of the daschund we were dog-sitting didn’t help matters), but that’s ok. That’s still longer than el cheapo fake tats you find at music fests.

henna tattoo

The henna tattoo as it was drying

I’m looking forward to the next get-together. Now that the ice is broken, the contact will be easier next time. 🙂


My first fat-acceptance community dinner

Saturday night, I will attend my first fat-acceptance community dinner. at a Moroccan restaurant. I’m still new in that community (since I joined only a month ago), but that should be fun. Of course, as in any kind of group gathering, there’s always going to be people with whom things will click and others to whom we’ll be indifferent. But that’s alright. I’m not a shy person anyway, and people already know what I look like (as my pic is my avatar).

I even had the idea of bringing the FA books I own, to show them, since not everyone knows about these books.

Anyways, it’s always good to meet new people. 😀

Self-acceptance and HAES

I realize that I was familiar with the idea of health at every size (or HAES) long before I encountered the term for the first time on the fatosphere.

In fact, my first exposure to that principle came from my first boyfriend of sorts. I was 18 at the time, and was still very uncomfortable with being fat (even though I was a bit smaller than I am now). I still lacked the self-confidence that I was to gain later.

One day, I was whining to Ricky about my weight (he himself is a tall, skinny man), and he replied, “What would you rather be: fat and in shape or skinny and out of shape?”. I know that most people would have answered “skinny and out of shape” without hesitation, but as an active tomboy, that answer made me shut up.

Looking back, this conversation was a turning point in my life, the defining moment where I began that long journey towards self-acceptance (this was back in 1993, so the Internet wasn’t widely available yet). My relationship with Ricky might have never bloomed the way it should have (for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with me or my body), but his role in my personal history is still highly important, as he made me realize that I could be loved as I am, and that it is okay to be fat. His Spock-like logic might have driven me mad sometimes (he’s a true Virgo!) but that day, it made lots of sense.

How about you? Do you have a self-acceptance defining moment?

Mary Jo Pehl

I just love Mary Jo Pehl. She was one of the writers on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and also played the role of Pearl Forrester (as well as several one-shot roles throughout the series). Even though she’s a fat actress, I haven’t seen her weight being played for jokes (maybe in good part because she was one of the writers on the show and therefore had control over that).

Of course, most hardcore fans of the show kinda dismiss her, mostly because she replaced Dr. Forrester over the show’s last two seasons, but I find her to be a worthy replacement.

Here’s a bit from MST3K where Mike Nelson thanks Pearl for not killing him.