My FLOG for tonight

Maybe it’s because it’s 4pm and I’m hungry, but right now I’m craving two things: steak with potatoes and carrots, and cheese, more precisely Calumet cheese (a local, smoky goudat that I just love). If I buy some Calumet, I should enhance the whole thing with a pear and crackers — hmmm, maybe use that as a snack while watching the hockey playoffs tonight? 🙂

I’m not usually one to get particularly strong cravings (I’ll be in the mood for this or that, but nothing more). Yet, there are times like now where I know exactly what I want to eat.

The other night, my craving was for homemade mac and cheese – screw Kraft Dinner, it’s as fast (but yummier) to just make it from scratch. Some other time, I’ll crave fresh bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon spread (you haven’t lived till you’ve tried Montreal bagels from St. Viateur Bagels!).

What do you crave?


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  1. Leslie said,

    May 2, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    chocolate, plain and simple. Nothing fancy – Betty Crocker brownie batter would do the job quite nicely. Sometimes when I’m PMSing I’ll also want steak but not too often. Your bagel and cream cheese mention got me thinking of that, tho… 🙂

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